Club Championships 2017


Galvin to kick with OPER in 2017.


Which Galvin?


The fashionista


Their welcome to each other.





How did you vote in the syls civil war


Not a member mate, didn’t know there was a civil war?



Over building a car park on the pitch in the castle


Nothing they can do I think, pitch property of FCC?

#10 was their decision.the old members were against, new members for it


This is the pitch at the back of the carpark opposite the train station? :eek:




I believe it never got as much use until the carpark idea was mooted.




Was just about to post that. Fucking hell, that is scandalous.


Who would want to fucking play after being handed that ffs


Jesus Christ almighty.The Gaa is fuckin doomed.


Stuff like this will kill off the GAA.

I really hope one of their players has his wedding/stag in the middle of the season and all the panel go off on a three day binge (without permission) and tell whoever wrote that to go fuck themselves.


Who the fuck thought that would be a good idea,I know county teams even shit ones like Leitrim have been drawing up these things.I suppose it was only a matter of time before clubs started copying it.The gaa is doomed if this becomes the norm


The fun has well and truly been taken out of the intercounty game and it’ll be very sad if the club game goes down the same route.