Club Championships 2021 - is fulvio a cameraman?

He is but also a cheat. **

** Allegedly

I’d imagine the interest in club football in Tyrone is limited? Strikes me as a county like Kerry where the county rules.

How’d he or his club cheat?

A very poor standard overall. Seems all the investment, interest etc goes to the county. Shame really

Apparently tried to get a man sent off

Which be denies

It looked a very high standard on TV last year.

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Tyrone is a smashing club championship. Very good depth to it.

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Relegation has happened to all clubs in Antrim hurling given the small number of clubs. Ballycastle actually won a SHC in 1964 out of Div 2. Today was different, losing at home to a club who has never won a SHC match, its a low point and by God the club has had a few of them over the last 30 years.


It did in fairness. A lot to he said for the gay abandon of getting a crowd of yahoos together and throwing them a ball.
You only have to look at the record of Tyrone clubs once they get out of Tyrone. Abject, deplorable, dispiriting and depressing

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Is it between themselves and Tir na nOg now for relegation or how does it work? Good for Antrim to see the city clubs improving but Ballycastle need to be producing too.

Some man to manage a club team in both Kerry and Wexford at the same time

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Leaving aside my bias it is good for Antrim hurling overall that St Endas are not getting hammered at senior and going straight back down. And they appear to have the numbers at underage to keep bringing through players so they could stay up there long term. For a long time its just been the 6 senior clubs joined by the Intermediate winners from the previous year in the SHC and the Intermediate team would go straight back down.

Theres not relegation as such in the championship, normally the Inter champions do their year at senior and then get regraded back to Inter. I imagine Randalstown will do that and go back to Inter next year.

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He is nuts and it can’t be because he needs the money

Lovely bit of poison there :clap:

The Tyrone lads don’t really get the gaa. A bit of lepping about outside quinns is good fun but there’s more to life.

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There doesn’t seem to be any sign of any evidence mate. You’re quick to label him.

I never used definitive words.

I’m just reporting what’s been alleged.

Perjoratively, as you well know you rogue.


I’m only reporting the allegation. I never said he did it, someone else did.

I also said he denied it.

Causeway beaten.