Coach Klopp - dream maker

Listen, I can take a lot of the auld slagging and sledging on TFK. But mothers are off limits. That’s a golden rule around here.


A dark day for the forum.

I was going to call @Raylan mother a cum skip but I won’t now. It would be wrong of me.

That would be incredibly inappropriate posting and you’d rightly suffer the wrath of the @admins for that

Agreed. I’ll leave off calling her anything jizz dumpster related.

Nasty act to like that post too

What do you expect from a pig but a grunt?

I’ve always tried to see the good in people

Fair play to you. I’d consider myself a fairly tolerant man, but there are some things that are not tolerable.

The gambling is a sickness that changes a man


Also, at the start of Covid, anfield stayed open

Not sure why he didnt insist on it being closes

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It’s just a statement of fact. Dunno why they lose their minds over it

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Congratulations Liverpool?

She died in February i thought?

I’m going to be an emotional wreck all weekend. Has there ever been a more iconic managerial departure in the Premier League era? Mancini, Daglish and Wenger perhaps, maybe Big Sam and Bobby, Keegan? But that’s about it that I can recall?

No surprise to see this gimp applauding that.

Birds of a feather, etc….

Pick a favourite season
  • 2015-16: 2 Cup finals within 7 months of appointment
  • 2016-17: Champions League qualification
  • 2017-18: Champions League finalists
  • 2018-19: Champions of Europe. 97 points in the league was somehow not quite enough.
  • 2019-20: League and World Champions
  • 2020-21: 3rd placed thanks to THAT Alisson header.
  • 2021-22: Domestic Cup double. Beaten Champions League finalists. The Quad attempt.
  • 2022-23: Klopp development index season. Changing of the guard.
  • 2023-24: League Cup and the Klopp farewell
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What a journey.

So many achievements, so much joy