Colombia Backers

Signing in.

That’s Colombia fucked.

Colombia have gone from 110/1 to 25/1 with my backing.

We’re going to win the cup.

Signing in. No-one wants to see Totti fall any deeper into despair at the hands of his fellow countrymen again.

Signing in

Signing in

We’re going to do it lads



FARC it, count me in too.


Have 3 teams left in giant work sweep for a decent wad of cash money. Columbia are one. Signing in.

What price were the to qualify from the group?

signing in… only because I got the cocaine addled cunts in a work draw

Bomber my old pal who should I back for top scorer Martinez (2) at 66/1 or Rodriguez (3) at 25/1?

signing in

J Rod.

Signing in.

I look forward to “Hamez” sending those fucks home this weekend! #baller

Hmmmmm I saw someone on fb put up a very similar status lately, he’s also from Clare