Commiserations briantinnion

For the second time (that we know of) briantinnion has been snubbed for an invitation to the wedding of what he believed to be a close friend.

First it was Rocko, now it is lapsed poster Timofte.

Chin up mate.

To be fair:

  • Timofte is a great guy but we rarely see each other socially so I didn’t expect an invite.

  • At the time of Rocko’s wedding we weren’t as close as we are now and as Rocko rightly pointed out we didn’t even have each other’s cell phone numbers.

If Rocko ever gets married again I’d would confident of an invite. Same goes for Appendage.

I’m very good at getting close to married men it would appear.

Besides, I’ll be in New York City this weekend when you’re in Cork. Chin is well up mate.

That’s good mate.

Good attitude - ‘I am a rock. I am an island.’