Compulsive Liars are hilarious

Don’t know if it’s listed there but he claims to have been offered the Foreman grill too.

Yeah its listed. Never heard that one.

I once met the grill man

Jeffrey, the victim and hero who decided not to press charges…after the police said no offences were detected

Looks a bit too fresh.

I’ve a couple myself signed by the great man and King Henry, but they’ve all faded.

I’ve a program signed by him from the 97 league semi final and it’s very close to how his signature looked

Not a hurl.

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Nast nasty stuff of a Monday.

Just that she’s not one bit funny.

The story is only missing ‘and the whole LUAS then clapped as he handed me the phone.’

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I could be wrong but I don’t think the Luas driver has a window he can open.

Amo was on the same LUAS getting heckled and catcalled by men.


@Alphakrul1 is dishing out the porky pies this morning

Im calling out the tik tok taoiseach here. You dont get a highly sought after breed of dog as a rescue puppy at 13 weeks. He bought that.

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You might want to do a better job of the redding out there