Compulsive Liars are hilarious

My pal tells me the latter.

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You’d want your head examined to go direct labour building in this day and age. You’d also want to be resigned to the fact that you’ll have to blow up on the Builder at least twice in the build and tell your wife you in fact ripped him a new one about 4 more times, which in fact were “herself is going mad, you’re lucky its me you’re dealing with”.

But no matter it all, its only funny stories you look back on in the years to come as you’re sitting at your island looking out at youngsters two footing each other on the half acre during summer holidays.


I made a few enquiries, pulled a few strings
It should be sorted today :+1:


:rofl: :rofl:

Or else, all the hassle to build it and roaring at builders and the divorce comes within 6 months of build completion.

Ah jaysus. You can be sure its happened too

I know people it happened to. Dream house. Marriage gone and the paint not even dry!

There’s a few houses on Daft over the years that match up very closely to this. I saw one only the other day. A dream home, heart and soul gone into the planning. Garish as fuck. Somewhere in Longford.

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Loads of windows? Fill it with children!

GAA pitch next door, be perfect.

I see a house near me being done by direct labour; must have dug out around 3 years ago and they are still not in. In the meantime, they are paying rent so any savings are more or less offset


Anyone telling you they are saving money building a house by direct labour are either stupid or fucking deluded


You’d never know who he is from the “pixelated” photo :smile:

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The emotional cost would offset any savings anyway. Stress, arguments, anxiety etc.

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Our builder was actually fantastic. Best lad in Kilkenny and delighted we waited to get him.

The person who I actually property blew up at was the architect. Oh and the valuer. And yerman doing the blinds. And the sky engineer. And EBS.

:man_shrugging: I regret nothing.


That’s not really direct labour though is it if you handed it over to a builder

Yeah, I never said it was direct labour.

Builder and all his lads were excellent. Block layers, electricians, carpenters, tiler, painter all excellent. Plumbers only OK, his usual plumber was unavailable so that was understandable.

Main issues were with lads not connected to him.

Remarkable how much babysitting you have to do on lads to just do the basics of their job.

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Correct.Unless your a builder yourself you’ll save fuck all in the end,you won’t have a day off from start to finish.The wife nagging every day asking when is this being done when that being done.Did the plasterer ring,did the electrician ring etc etc.Get a good builder in,local if you can.Get a price,sign a contract and let him at it.