Conor Mcgregor vs Floyd Money Mayweather

Who will win ?

  • Money
  • Notorious

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Option 3 - Fuck Off

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Mayweather doesn’t have the ground game for Conor


This will only go 12 rounds if Floyd wants it to.

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Mayweather won’t be able to handle McGregors unorthodox style

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Vince McMahon hasn’t decided who wins yet


The kick in the bollix ?

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does @Watch_The_Break still think UFC is real?


Best bet you could do for this event is for McGregor to leg kick him.

Coach Kavanagh is devising a strategy to beat Mayweather

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Mayweather has never met anyone with the power of Conor McGregor

Every step of the way people have doubted McGregor.every time he has proven them wrong




The old saying about a fool and their money still holds . I am reading a lot about reasons why folk are turning their backs on mainstream politicians and the general theme is decline in living standards . If thie prices quoted here are true things can’t be all that bad .


He tapped against Diaz! Diaz is muck. A stoner. Just about got the job done last time. Everyone involved in the fight seems like a greedy Bollix. Not getting it in.