Copa America 2019

Starts tomorrow night.

Might actually get to see some of it the first time since the 1993 edition that was shown on Eurosport as I’m up most nights for a while with a newborn.

Certain years the likes of Brazil and Argentina picked a domestic only squad I believe. Don’t think it’s happened for a while now.

The squads this time look full strength. Albeit Neymar has been ruled out with injury.

A Brazil v Argentina final would be something

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Think Argentina will do it. Matches at decent times too.

Archie MacPherson on commentary on Eurosport

1991 was box office

11pm double headers on Screensport

I went on a family holiday to France half way through that tournament and bought L’Equipe and La Gazzetta Dello Sport to keep up with the latter stages

1991 was an almost exclusively domestic Argentine squad

Would never happen now

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When is this kicking off?

Brazil did it in 1993 I think with the exception of Taffarel.

The first sentence on the first post on the thread:

“Starts tomorrow night.”

Can you be more Pacific


Tim Vickery’s preview

You don’t get many chances to win a Copa America

After this year there won’t be another one until 2020

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Any of you fucks put up a set of fixtures?

Bad crew in here kid

Actually group stages will probably be shite enough. Argentina v Colombia is Saturday night however.

this month’s edition of world soccer had an excellent preview but the commentary alluded to the fact that as the Copa is taking place again next summer for some reason that i cant work out ( same thing happened in 2015/2016) but i think it is because the 2022 WC qualifiers are starting very late with the winter world cup then we may see this “renewal” as horse racing fans refer to as a slightly devalued event…
now time will tell i guess

the cyles of the tournament are not consistent at all
for example we had 2007/2011/2015 - then 2016 /2019/2020…

we have a lot of albeit shite football on this Summer before the real business of the International Champions Cup starts in July
the african nations cup is on in Egypt as well
Herve Renard and his white shirt will be a feature of the business end of this again id imagine
presume eurosport are all in

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International champions cup​:laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:

The 2016 tournament was marketed as a special one off to mark the centenary of the competition, predictably organised by the USA

The Copa America is moving to a different cycle of years from 2020, it will be in the same years as European Championships/Olympics, so 2024, 2028 etc.

A handy way to squeeze in yet another extra tournament for profit

I prefer it in the now almost gone 2011/2015/2019 cycle where it takes place after a World Cup and before the start of the next South American World Cup qualifiers

Also uneven years have less going on in general sport so an event like the Copa America has more of a niche to itself - it’ll be largely forgotten when it clashes with the Euros from here on in

I also preferred the Ryder Cup in uneven years so I hope for another 9/11 style event to disrupt the current even numbered year cycle and return to odd numbered years

We could hold the ryder cup in adare in both 2026 & 2027 to suit you