Copper Face Jacks or Coppers as it is affectionately known as is a popular Dublin city centre nighclub.

Renowned as a place where boggers congregate it has also garnered a reputation for having some of the easiest girls in Dublin. This is in part due to the granting of free entry for members of an Garda Siochana and nurses.

Coppers is also frequented by Dublin scumbags intent on getting an easy lay. Such people are happy to steal drinks paid for by decent, law abiding human beings. Members of the Flano Alliance are rumoured to engage in this behaviour.

Nights out in Coppers are usually preceded by getting flaming in Flannerys of Wexford Street.

Outside the ladies toilets downstairs is the popular meeting point for TFK posters in Coppers.

Coppers, the place where no-one knows your name.

TFK member Bandage was once barred from Coppers which is quiet an achievement as it is widely thought to be impossible to be barred.

Even farmer is known to have scored in Coppers