Cork GAA - They're going home! - sponsored by Sports Direct and Super Valu

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Fuck em


Happy with that. We’re on the road again

A big week for Pat

The bird made an appearance :sweat_smile:

Cyril was there… Ah Jesus :rofl:

This could lead to accusations of parochialism and clannishness from some

@dodgy_keeper will love this

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Are Cork expected to be very strong at U-20 next season?

Who are the new boys pushing?

Is Kearney gone?

They won all ireland at u17. Stronger than this year id say.

True, but some of the other teams didn’t play any of their 17s who were playing minor? Would there be many of this year’s 20s still eligible?

Loads, at least 8 of starting 15 afaik

Did they field the same team at premier and division one or something? Harsh to ban the players in that scenario?

Cork GAA seize the opportunity to take the trash out with the FAI dominating the headlines. poor oul Tracey is struggling.

What were they thinking putting a woman in charge.

God love her. Will the government be asked to come and bail them out just like the FAI?

They lost €450k from the three Ed Sheeran concerts? How did they manage that?

They need Frank back ASAP.

Yes. Then again we were supposed to walk All-Ireland’s with the last two squads and ended up winning diddly squat.

Siamsa Cois Laoi was a great ould day out back in the day. Lowry and the Tipp boys hijacked Franks idea and turned it into the Trip to Tipp (Feile). Frank was a forward thinking lad.