Cork GAA Thread 2019


William Kearney was on the extended panel and trained with them all season last yr. Was on the Boston trip.

Costing nothing to try these lads again. Id say Myler has specific roles in mind for Walsh and Murphy.

Murphy was dropped completely from almost being a regular starter, I think he got sent off in league game vs KK and was seen no more. There is a bit of cutting in him anyway and will feature in the forwards completely this time around probably in a Timmy Mc type role.

Lot of good young lads coming through but wont be ready for a while so he is throwing the kitchen sink at it now, if even one of them older (recycled) lads became a viable bench option it would be worth it


Certainly worth trying to deepen the panel alright, I just would have thought he would have tried to do that with younger players but if ye’re saying they’re not ready yet then they’re not ready. You’d wonder when will they be ready though if they’re not brought in and given exposure?

I think it might be more of a case of Myler and management feeling the current crop are very close to an All Ireland win and he’s pushing to win one with them lads as opposed to sacrificing the 2 years or so of rebuilding it would take under under the new young lads from that minor side a few years ago.


Maybe so. He might bring a few of them on but id say its more a case of him knowing he needs about 6 or 8 more to deepen panel


It’s very early yet and you wouldn’t read too much into it. Limerick’s team in the equivalent match last year turned out to have more starters than people expected, but Cork are coming from a different place. Alan Cadogan back will be a huge boost for one.

If I was Christopher Joyce, I wouldn’t want to be picked midfield- realistically, he’s not going to dislodge Cooper/Fitzgibbon and I’d be shocked if he would even be considered as a first sub. And it gives other players a chance to prove themselves in the half-back line. Probably what Cork need, their half-back line was probably their weakest line. A couple more forward/midfield subs too, the younger Cahalane looks handy; Cormac Murphy always seem talented, if a little rash.



That’s a hell of a football document that’s been produced. Credit where it’s due, if they implement half of that they’ll turn football on it’s head down there





As sure as night follows day…


Midleton one point up at HT after playing with the wind and missing a load of goal chances.

CBC two down at HT.


Missing the pen in first couple of mins was a killer. However, de la salle will still play same system in 2nd half so although playing with wind its not such a huge advantage (i think and hope)


Dr Harty Cup semi-final results;

CBC Cork : 2-12 (18)
Thurles CBS : 0-13 (13)

De La Salle College : 0-12(12)
Midleton CBS : 1-11(14)

All Cork final.


All Cork final in the B as well, Roco vs Bandon.


First all cork final since 94.


And so begins the devaluation of colleges hurling on TFK :grinning:


Not at all. Cork are on the rise at underage. And they’d want to be, looking at the Cork squad named for the league and the team named for Kilkenny tomorrow. Back to the future stuff.


I think you are being needy . Today was a massive day for cork hurling .


Cork teams making up both A and B finals. Fair play to all schools involved.

Who stood out for Midleton yesterday Fenway? Am I correct in saying CBC will be warm favourites?


Your clubmate was outstanding at centre back. When the need was greatest, he stood up. Forwards never really clicked but understandable given the dls system. Subs made a massive difference and here in lies midletons greatest strength. They dont have the ‘stars’ of cbc but are a better balanced team and panel.

Cbc will be warm favourites but as we learned last year, it’s the ‘team’ rather than ‘stars’ that often come out on top.

Will be a great occassion.