Cork GAA Thread 2019




No home games for Cork this year?


Flower lodge


Karma for the fucking cunts


Plenty of home games


Flower lodge open for business


The Munster championship will be mostly played in flower lodge , Walsh Park & cusack Park .


The GAA got it for a steal(Christy Ring park/ Flower Lodge)


Would you fit 20k in any of them?


Cork-Waterford would be fine in PUR.
Cork-Tipp could get moved. It would surely need to go to a neutral venue? Other counties object to 3 home games for Tipp if it just went to Thurles?


Doubt it


16,640 PUR


After h&s?


When used as a soccer stadium was 28,000 plus v Waterford ,( some sources say even more,some less TBH I thought it held more than 16k (GAA games)


I’d imagine it would have been audited more recently for H&S than some of the other smaller grounds in Munster but that’s solely my impression.




You’d fit them in ok


H&S :rofl:

Do you not remember the 2014 munster final and the nonsense coming from the Cork county board in advance of the game :rofl:


I have a vague recollection of there being some nonsense alright. The capacity was massively reduced below wasn’t it.

I think the last few big matches in Cork prior there were almost crushes and lads streaming out onto the field