Cork v Dublin AISHSF

I believe there are actually two semi finals this year in the hurling so we better get a thread started. caoimhaoin[/USER] [USER=367]mickee321[/USER] [USER=182]scumpot[/USER] [USER=312]tazdedub[/USER] [USER=80]The Wild Colonial Bhoy how do ye see this one going?

I was talking to a Dublin colleague this morning and he said that he hated Cork with their SIPTU brigade, sneaky sliothar, blarney stone pissing heads on them whereas a cousin of mine from Cork said that he can’t wait to beat the soup taking Pale junkies out the gate and back into their tenement flats. Looking forward to this I must say.

Dublin won’t get within 10 points of Cork. Like Claire they have no tradition.

Claire has tradition for being easy

True. Claire likes to roll over and be tickled by her fitter, stronger neighbour


The problem I see for Dublin is the 6 week lay off we have had, while cork have built some momentum in the couple of qualifying games they played.

If this match was 2 weeks after the Leinster final I would have said Dublin will win no problem now I think cork are favourites now. Dublin can’t afford to have a slow start to this game. Daly will earn his money having Dublin primed for this game.

Cork = sound Dublin = cunts

Cork are a very mediocre side, but it will be good to have a tradtional county in the final

Yep Dublin are a traditional county.:slight_smile:

nah, they are a novelty side, Like Clare in 1995, it won’t be long until everyone hates their guts, especially with the manager they have

Dublin hopefully to win the whole thing and keep Liam McCarthy in Leinster.

Bumped for Spikey unless you did actually mean the smeifinal in which case I don’t know what you are talking about.

Cork will walk this.

I just find it so hard to get my head around Cork being in the All-Ireland hurling final. If achieved it will be JBM’s greatest achievement bar none, playing, coaching, managing, the lot.

99 was set up with a savage bunch of young players on top of Ryan, Corcoran, Browne, Murray, McGrath etc.

These are a good bunch of hurlers, but in all fairness they are below that level.

Right now I’m thinking the build up suits Cork and I’m leaning that way, but it’s very close.

:smiley: never saw, my right hand types faster than my left, hence the spelling tpyo!!!