Cork v Waterford - All Ireland Hurling Semi-Final 2'17


Disgraceful if De Burca is banned.


There’s no if about it anymore, he has been banned and won’t be lining out on Sunday.


Even more disgraceful. These GAA hierarchy cunts are absolute cunts. Banning a lad for a deliberate dirty stroke is one thing (when is the last time a player missed a final for pulling a dirty strike that was reviewed by the powers that be?), but banning someone based on one person’s testimony of a questionable event is just lunacy.


I hope Cork win, I just can’t warm to this Waterford team and how they play.
In saying that, I wouldn’t have a problem with them winning the AI for their long suffering supporters, many of whom I know well.


Make you mind up.


I actually want Galway to win the fucking thing, so don’t start your shit with me pal.


Galway aren’t playing on Sunday , pal.




As a Carlow man, no doubt you can emphathise with the long suffering Waterford supporters.


As a highly predictable poster, you’ll no doubt be coming up with some incredibly boring post you’ve done many, many times before. Oh look…


What a farce of a decision. Poor lad must be devastated.


Anyone know what trio of cunts sat on the DRA last night?


It’s done and dusted. We gave TDB our best shot. Few teams win an All Ireland without overcoming some difficulty. We will go again.




No sign of Joe Brolly offering his services for gratis? De Burca playing as a seventh defender put paid to that offer.


Conor Dignam SC


First Brexit, then Trump and now to wake up to this. :disappointed:


Brexit and Trump happened last year mate, keep up.



I never suggested otherwise.


Sheehan is not apparently playing. He did medial ligaments playing for Na Piarsaigh Intermediates recently.