Cork v Waterford - All Ireland Hurling Semi-Final 2'17


He is s fucking twaat who is about as cork as Iain Paisely Junior ffs.

Nobody in Cork goes around as negative and as defeatist as this langer


Like all good barristers Joe knows when to come out all guns blazing and when not to


Real pity about TDB. Farce has dominated the build up to the game. Rule is a joke


That’s largely because we habitually elect gonks like Paudie Coffey, Mary Butler and Brendan Kennealy who couldn’t be let any where near a cabinet table.


He’ll be back for the final.


Ya its jinda sullied it for me.

This should be classic. This is 2 relatively young teams and should be an awakening of another rivalry. It may yet happen.

However i think its fanciful for people to dismiss TDB’s influence and ability. I have been part of teams in hurling, football and soccer that employed sweepers. It takes practice and a certain skillset to do it well. Not any plug can do it.

Corks area of weakness could get a free ride sunday. Thats crazy for me. If the sweeper fails to be effective as well it could actually be comfortable enough for Cork. Leaving Stevie Mac free and maybe even Spillane as well isn’t as genius as people seem to think. You let average or inexperienced players a free ride and they will grow in confidence.


When was been a gonk ever bar to getting to the cabinet table?

Back to the hurling, they should making the wearing of helmets optional again. Wearing them just seems to have got far too dangerous.


What do you think, pal?

Waterford now have the TDB case to build them up, us against the world motivation.


Now fucked without their best defender.


Depends on the final score on Sunday .


Justice has prevailed with regard to De Burca (there is only one TDB).

Tuohy ought to have missed the final aswell.


You’re a clown.


Why do lads think De Burca should have gotten off out of curiosity? There’s no good angle of the incident, linesman spotted it at the time. Sin sin
I’m glad the gaa have stopped overturning stuff just because.


It’s bollox. I hope Waterford win.
Fucking pricks.


Thats the spiwit


That’s the problem, there was no good angle of it — I think it was more a tangle and him trying to free himself but without conclusive evidence we have to take lineman’s word on it and move on.


The view from the hurling stronghold of Leitrim. Did you support the Leitrim position in 1989, voting in favour of upholding the Tony Keady one year ban?


Yes. He broke the rules


Exactly. He saw what he saw. They can’t prove him innocent, and he’s appeal under the “ah but it’s the all Ireland semi final” rule was rejected.


4 Connacht counties voted against Keady, none of which played hurling at an elite level. Do the math.


It was probably the only time they’d ever beat Galway at anything so they had to take the W.