Cork v Waterford - All Ireland Hurling Semi-Final 2'17


Jarlath is only a cunt.



Where was the taken Fagan ?


The Cove. Near Ardkeen Stores. Parish of Ballygunner.


I expect to see free Tadhg de Burca graffiti popping up all over the country in the coming days


Another load of bilge here from another bitter Kilkenny wum

This from the cunts who appealed “King” Henrys two yellow cards when they were out of the championship.


Silly argument about Fives having a tendency to drift upfield as he hasn’t played the sweeper previously .


Power is just another Waterford hating cunt from South Kilkenny.



I couldn’t be arsed reading what he has to say. The headline would suggest a zero tolerance approach to helmet imfringements. He didn’t happen to mention the helmet coming off Padraic Maher about 15 minutes into 2009 final or who was involved in that particular incident?


I can’t see how Cork win this. Waterford by 4 for me.


Cark will wilt under a hail of timber, Waterford by five.


You’re right. Waterford x 5.


Waterford have a better team more experience and were flan in may but still nearly took cork


True Joe… The whole country is behind them.


What a humble young man


Are Waterford naming their team tonight?


Bad things happen to good people.


I know nothing about the chap but this sounds fairly run of the mill stuff for any hurler these days who doesn’t have to go to work, how much sleep dies somebody need?


Fucking woeful tripe. Shoe shit bad. cc @Malarkey