Cork v Waterford - All Ireland Hurling Semi-Final 2'17


PM also had an interview type piece with Denis Walsh in the Examiner today, lacking in his usual overly wordy style it was an interesting piece


The Waterford Senior Hurling Team to face Cork in the All Ireland Senior Hurling Semi-Final was named following training tonight in Walsh Park.

  1. Stephen O’Keeffe (Ballygunner)
  2. Shane Fives (Tourin)
  3. Barry Coughlan (Ballygunner)
  4. Noel Connors (Passage)
  5. Kieran Bennett (Ballysaggart)
  6. Austin Gleeson (Mount Sion)
  7. Philip Mahony (Ballygunner)
  8. Jamie Barron (Fourmilewater)
  9. Conor Gleeson (Fourmilewater)
  10. Kevin Moran (De La Salle)
  11. Pauric Mahony (Ballygunner)
  12. Jake Dillon (De La Salle)
  13. Shane Bennett (Ballysaggart)
  14. Michael Walsh (Stradbally)
  15. Darragh Fives (Tourin)


Is it worth the paper it was written on?


No Mossie?? Ffs that’s a joke. Cark are there for the taking if Waterford ATTACK early. The lay off and croke park are factors in Waterfords favour but can only be maximised by a good fast start.
McGrath will have missed a trick if he sticks to the system as this will allow Cork a foothold


Anthony Nash comments for the WD dressing room wall


I think this Cork team have come a year to soon,

Waterford will choke them out of it…and hit points from long distance.

I’ll hold my hands up if I’m completly wrong, but I do see the Deise prevailing on Sunday.


I still think people over rate cork


There might be no next year,
Cork beat Waterford handily without playing particularly well at all, I don’t think Waterford can cope any better on Sunday but if they win I’ll give them their due, it’s only a game of hurling and the Cork lads have given plenty of joy this year


Ye only won by 3 or 4 and Waterford should have got a penalty?


We all know Cork are coming pal,

I didnt see ye going this far this year being honest at the start of the year especially when we bate ye in the Pairc in the league QF.

Cork have an unreal minor and u17 team and plenty of talent below that coming…I think Waterford will win on Sunday though.


Thanks for holding up your hands. Make sure & send us a photo.


5 points is a handy win, Waterford should have had 14 men before that penalty but that’s neither here nor there, the better team won.


Good one kid.


But seriously, really big of you to hold up your hands for being wrong on the internet. :man_shrugging:t2::man_shrugging:t2::man_shrugging:t2:


5 I was 1 out still nothing between ye over 70


Did you cut your lawn yet kid?


I dunno, I felt that Cork were clearly deserving winners but it matters fuck all now either way, I’m quite confident anyway.


Beating a team twice in the championship isnt an easy task.


The C-Orcs are going to get a trimming here.


ye were 100 percent but it was flat by Waterford