Cork weirdo/sicko thread


He stood up to the green orangemen


How is it an oxymoron? I’m not sure you understand what that means


not many people play rugby, minority sport so a hall of fame is a bit of a reach


That’s an oxymoron?


A Pyrrhic victory



A stunning rights coup.


Virgin Media are going to fuck RTE up, fuck them up good and proper.




A return to form for this thread :clap:


Should have just said he identified himself as a woman.


He said he was Cork and proud of it.


Since then, the boys’ mother Helen O’Driscoll has campaigned to have the house demolished, saying it is a tradition in the Travelling community to “burn the barrel top wagon that a person died in”.

She and her husband Thomas believe the children will not rest in peace until the house is demolished.

Cork County Council is now in the process of rehousing the family in a nearby property. The family has been living in rental accommodation since the deaths of their children.


Demolish a perfectly good house, during a housing crisis because of traveller tradition. Will they ever fuck off.


Traveler rights are human rights pal. As a ‘normal’ citizen of this country, you and your kind can fuck off. The secret is to identify as something outside of the ordinary and the crusty types will be all over you to try to get you a set of ‘rights’ without the responsibilities to which everyone else are held.


Travellers are peoples too


They should be free to burn down other peoples’ houses.


Why dont they burn the fucking thing to the ground and get on wirh it. Its something they can manage themsrlves but wont.
The tradition is to burn the caravan to the ground but that’s not enough here, they want the taxpayer to pay cork city council to demolish it, temporary 're house them and rebuild a new home for rhem.
Tinkers are gas. They’ll probably get it all too. We are awful fools.


I see Bank of Ireland have employed Rob Heffernan.

Those banks are a disgrace. They’d employ anyone.