Cork weirdo/sicko thread


Are the proceeds going to a charitable cancer organisation or to the family of Miller?




Is it a Gooch type split?




Do u know the split?


I do not


As an aside, I am assuming that if the Millers live next door to O Flynn they’re not living in a council estate.


He might have given them a free house he got free from the state, the generous sort he is.


Let’s see if the twitterati put their money where their mouths are. Given the social media outpouring I’d expect many millions to be raised for the hospice


The OTB lads will have to find some new material for the first 30 minutes of their show every evening now anyway. Just as well the EPL is back soon for them I suppose.




Well you’d hardly be shouting about the injustice of it all without contributing to the fund, unless you’re a total cunt


ok mate,calm down, no need to be angry all the time


Some lads have absolutely lost the plot over this, it’d be fascinating to watch if it wasn’t so obviously contrived and sheeplike


Live next door to o flynns original family home rather than his current home I believe




The Duffer is a shoe-in for COTY after his recent outburst and the news that he will now grace the grounds of PuiC. What a prick he is.


ROG to be inducted into some sort of world rugby hall of fame :clap:


its that not an oxymoron