Cork weirdo/sicko thread


In fairness, there’s 91k in there for cleaning up city hall. If the place was dirty and run down and needed a few bits and pieces done to it then I wouldnt be blaming Prince Charles for it.
Jesus the place must have been an awful fucking state, 11 grand to give the fucking kip a deep clean, 6k to clean the door handles and 4 or 5k for power washing. Dirty fucking cunts.


Hard to argue with any of that


That must be some light in the Foyer.


They put Cark on the map.


the sparkies did well out of it. 29K for installation of lighting and then 7k for miscellany


Tight cunts if they spent a couple of grand extra a year on maintenance and cleaning they wouldn’t have to be spending a quarter of a million in one go


The cork city crowd have always put on the Sunday best for royalty .



…did you bother reading that article mate?


Any tips on where to go for an early dinner tomorrow with a toddler?


Does it make you nervous?

We discussed it* previously also
Hopefully justice is served.

*the individual case not your activity


Wouldn’t expect anything else from the Cark royalites. Cowardly lickspittle cunts at the back of it all.


Whereabouts? Down your neck of woods?

Ate in Fota resort at the weekend with a load of kids and it is v kid friendly v nice food in bar. But expensive

Bramble Lodge across rd from it is v good.


Apologies, city center.


You’re the man to see what the emperor of Japan is missing, would you consider a takeaway?


Bramble lodge for lunch tho?
Yerra. The elm tree is your man


Sit down.


Hope the Greeks get him back ASAP,and lock the white up,our country is bursting at the seams,her, housing etc etc,p.s. he’s. German


Yeah especially pat the fishmongers o connell,crawling bastard,up royalty’s arse to sell a few mackarel


Nah,he was only out for a walk