Cork weirdo/sicko thread


Are Liam Russell’s and Keane’s gone permanently?

Dropped into Quinlans for some fish and chips, was ok but pricey. Wife liked it though. Was packed by 5 30.


It was a sad day when Liam Russell closed down,
Keanes isn’t gone anywhere (Jewellers?)
A place you mentioned yourself recently, The Fish Wife is the place for fish and chips in Cork but you get the comfort in Quinlans


Liam o R was a great local bookshop but couldn’t complete with the Waterstones of the world


Tracey Kennedy


Sounds like success to us 2019,hurling/ CCFC,of course anyone not lucky enough to be from here, well,ye just wouldn’t understand


Cuthbert is as bad.

“Whatever it is, it’s gone missing from Cork football. Which is why, Brian Cuthbert believes, it’s time to “draw a line in the sand.” Cuthbert, the former Cork manager and one of the authors of the football strategy document, wondered aloud yesterday is ‘Corkness’ a word.

It must be, given his own response.

“We have lost our ‘Corkness’. And in losing that you don’t just lose your ‘Corkness’ for football. We are proud people and enjoy a tradition that people in other parts of the country would love to have. So it doesn’t bother anyone whether it’s Cork hurling or football, camogie, ladies football or handball. It doesn’t matter. It’s Cork.”

Hope Kerry keep batin’ the bollix out of them for years to come.


Of course you do,like we keep bating the bollox out of Limerick footballers etc


Gone vvvvvv quiet


Most Cork people are oddballs. We deal in fact here. If you don’t like it, you know where the door is.


Door swings both ways buddy boy


Know you’ve an inferiority complex ref CORK,but just have to get over it,on the way out the door


Fact Limerick v cork football result?


I don’t give a fuck. Like two one legged men in an arse kicking fight.
Cork has by far the highest proportion of deviants in the country. You can’t argue with the facts.




Only the imported ones from Limerick


Hitting us Limerick lads where it hurts: football. The 8 or 9 lads that play it here will be mildly upset if you keep it up.


The Cark weirdos have to take whatever small comfort they can get these days.




Bit of retaliation girls, before we get ye in the championship ( hurling) or Munster,if ye manage to hang on