Cork weirdo/sicko thread

Twitters gone to fuck! You can’t believe anything you read on it


They must have driven the car off a pier?

A good possibility given location is that they went into the Blackwater. Think there was a car found in the Blackwater about ten years ago of a fella who had been missing for over a decade.

Are there any quarry lakes up that area?

The picture of them is mad. It looks like it was taken in the 60s or 70s.

The tartan tie was a good match for the check jacket.

Car was found pretty much in Fermoy as well, not as if it was in the middle of nowhere.

When Micky Ds opened in Cork first 1986 I’d say, they had tough competition and played third fiddle behind Burgerland and Mandy’s for a while but eventually squeezed them out obviously.
There was no Supermacs in Cork city for a long long time, I presume there is one now though I don’t know where

There is one across from the gate cinema at bridge by Shandon st is only one in city centre. One on lower glanmire road then as well and maybe a few inside in petrol stations as well

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The bar in question has failed multiple times under local ownership as well so no surprise it didn’t work as a franchise

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German link would lead me to believe they were involved in the construction of an underground Meth lab in the U.S


The head of a religious order has condemned the actions of anti-migrant activists in Cork for describing six religious brothers returning from a conference as “African military-aged males” and for suggesting their landmark property “fit the bill for plantation” by asylum seekers.


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Brother Barry Noel, congregation leader of the Presentation Brothers, spoke out after a video, recorded on the grounds of the order’s Mount St Joseph’s headquarters in Cork City, was viewed more than 3,000 times on YouTube in recent days and led to a wave of racist and anti-migrant commentary online.

“They have gotten it totally wrong,” said Br Barry.

I was utterly appalled at their actions, and at what they said.

The video was recorded by anti-migrant activist Derek Blighe after photographs were circulated online last week of what he described as “a bus full of African men” who were “dropped off and sent into the property”.

Mr Blighe, who has repeatedly called for Irish homeless people to be housed first, later led a group of about a dozen people through the main gates and up to the property.

“The reason why we are here tonight is because there are photographs circulating of African military-aged males, exiting a bus right at the back gate of this building here and coming in,” he said.

“We are not saying that this is a sure thing — what we know is this: Cork has, for the most part, avoided much of this scam up until now, but lately, there are migrants being dropped all over the city and county. We are seeing a pattern here, and religious buildings and convents, they are being converted all over the country.

“This building does fit the bill for plantation.”

The Irish Examiner has established that the photograph was actually of six Presentation Brothers from West Africa, who were returning to Mount St Joseph’s following their attendance at the Congregation Chapter at the Dominican Retreat Centre in Tallaght, held every six years.

Br Barry said many brothers from Ireland and from all over the world come to Mount St Joseph’s, and two-thirds of the building is used by the charity Share to care for homeless elderly people.

The order has sought legal advice arising out of some of the language used in the video.

Solidarity TD for Cork North Central, Mick Barry, also criticised the tone and content of the video and the motives behind it.

“This ham-fisted attempt to stir up racial suspicion fell flat on its face, but the farce had a sinister edge — an attempt to promote the view that the mere sighting of black men is cause for alarm,” he said.

Bottom of N main st

Thats my church, Dominicans Pope’s Quay,
Great ppl.
Cork flag flying above it.



This one is a right header

not wantig to trivialise the matter but the poor woman seems most upset at the sinn fein membership allegation, which im sure RTE loved

Absolute fucking weirdo wankers

Shamrock Rovers manager Stephen Bradley has called for lifetime bans for the Cork City fans that sang ‘disgusting’ songs about his son.

The incident occurred after City secured an important three points in their bid to avoid relegation from the Premier Division as they defeated their Dublin rivals, who had three players sent off, at Turner’s Cross thanks to Ruairi Keating’s late strike.

Bradley said; "It’s disgusting. I’m going to put in a report to the police. Singing about my son… You take stick. As a football person, that comes with it. That’s your job and that’s fine.

“But speaking about a sick nine-year-old is disgusting and Cork City should be ashamed of them. I want them banned for life. That’s disgusting. That has no place in football or society. That’s disgusting behaviour.”


That’s pretty low

There are a right bunch of idiots that follow around that cork team. And worse they are allowed follow them around. At this stage I’d say most of them must be well known to cork and week after week they allow them to turn up.


Anyone know anything about or know anyone who has done the Elearning course in MUT / CIT?