Cork weirdo/sicko thread


Great news for the area alright…just as long as I don’t need to go to that abomination of a fucking place.



They are not happy about that in Da 'Collig.

I’m not sure it makes any difference to individuals.

Apparently though it does have an effect on the GAA and rules around transfers and boundaries etc


Would they not just merge the county and city councils altogether.


I agree. Must be a population issue, like the way Dublin has 4 councils.


They had the same craic in Limerick for yonks. County council refusing boundary extensions to places that were well into the city to protect their money pot. Actively working against the interests of the city. Merged the councils there a few years ago to sort it. We just have to annex Clare now and all will be resolved.



The tableting plant hasn’t produced Viagra for yonks, picture of Ringaskiddy is Cobh! Fucking mainland journalists, you couldn’t make it up*

*actually they did


Why didnt they think of that :disappointed:


no one gives a shit about the facts here on the manland, we just want to laugh at the mick simpletons


I’m in Cork right now lads. Spent the last few hours in Douglas searching for @ChocolateMice. No t a dickie bird.


What about @ChocolateMice though?


Nope. There was a beardy sallow fella with a bike around lunchtime but he looked like was off to work so I doubt it was him.


Kc’s will be opening about now pal


What’s KC’s? I’ve left Douglas in despair anyway and am resting at my lodgings.


where are you hanging out?


Are you insane?

How would somebody from the northside deal with an old person from Drinagh or baltimire???


Come out for a session @9. I’ve had a cancellation


Word of caution, this is from the Echo…


I went for dinner in Sakura and am now flaked out in my room. Twas only lovely.