Cork weirdo/sicko thread


You cold heart callous bastard.


If only there had have been some way the poor moron could’ve stopped Sony legging it with her money, like not putting in her card details, using the parental controls or actually seeing what either her money or kid was up to.

Piss poor parental and financial control but but but evil corporations.


Regardless of parental controls and skills what happened happened, the woman didn’t know she was being fleeced. Big corporations are leaving the door open for things like this to happen full in the know mistakes like this are very likely going to happen. Highly irresponsible out of Sony here. Fuck you if you don’t agree with me you corporate company-man cunt.


Stupid cow entered her debit card no, never checked the balance or in her son but Sony are irresponsible? Get a grip pal

Remove the warning labels from everything and let natural selection take its course.


Some people maybe more so hard working mothers would not have the foggiest notion about internet games/ online points /payments/ options/ get more stuff//// type of shit that is available and at the public disposal, she wouldn’t a clue about things like that. She paid for her sons games then the next thing she knows her bank account has been cleaned out. That’s fucked up. You corporate cunt.


Stupid people do stupid things. Earth shattering analysis there.

Stay tuned for a fool and their money are soon parted.


Can you not just play it without registering card details? Surely there is a lot more to it than just accidentally taking out a shit load of money?


You corporate bastard.


I find myself nodding in agreement with you on this Art


A lot of the games now you purchase via the PlayStation online store or whatever. They then use the registered card for subsequent payments. I’d have a degree of sympathy in this case. It’s very easy happen.


Sony? EA made the game mate, not Sony.


If you buy your games from the Playstation store - and usually that’s cheaper - then your card details can be used to buy games and for in game micro-transactions.

These big budget western games like cod, fifa, battlefront, destiny etc aren’t single purchases any more, they are rife with additional transaction designed to prolong the games selling life.


Think so. Anytime my lads wanted to buy add-ons I just put a few quid into the wallet and topped it up. Put the card details in every time.


I hope you will always be so perfect.


I loves the citty lads. Loves it I dooooo. Especially Johnny Creedon from Shandon.



Lads, will be back in Cork for a fortnight soon. Any recs as to the best place in Cork city, and any good places in West Cork? We will have a baby (fairly quiet one tbf) in West Cork but not the city.

Also I assume Sage is still the best place to eat in East Cork? Ferrit and Lee any good?


Rental baby?


In city Jacobs on Mall, greenes or Elbow Lane for top quality food. Elbow lane is steakhouse and top notch. Others are more fine dining but not stuffy.

Dont know bout eating out with baby in w cork. Quality in clonakilty is v family focused hotel. This time of yr be quiet most places be delighted to see ye. Loads of good pub grub down there


There’s a Japanese place with a Super chef.