Cork weirdo/sicko thread


He surely wants a break from Asian food.


soho jesus i dunno
its full of shapers
imagine a human being combo of Zebo/Rob Heffernan and that utter wanker Mark Mcnulty in there on yokes and that is what you get in there
like most places grand during the day, for a match perfect as loads of TVs , yerra past 10pm it’d be brutal


is the catwalk still going?
used to be some hot knacker northside women in there back in the day


Best pub grug I got in years is in Aghada. Can’t remember the name. Obvious enough place by the pier


Mickee caught making stuff up again.

Most of the girls working there were from Ballincollig. I know the girl who Prendeville brought into run it and the girl he brought in for marketing. Both from Ballincollig and they populated the place with Ballincollig birds. Was a running joke.

Has been sold at least once since and that part of the city still has not quite taken off


kev in the late 90s early 00’s that place was a notorious place for knackers
are we talking about the same place? the catwalk on princes st,?
lads is tracksuit pants drinking smirnoff ice and hot knacker birds with skirts rammed up their holes?


Kev is talking about the Boardwalk

A very very very different establishment to the Catwalk. The Catwalk was an early house as well and used to take the spillover from henrys all nighters. A fella would need his wits about him heading in there


Katie’s or Molly’s or Peggies or something like that it is.

Edit - it’s The Pepperstack now apparently



@backinatracksuit 's real name is frank Coughlan?


Tiernan very funny here, nailing the carkie accent


I’m on the way lads.


I’m in knocknaheeny lads. Jesus there’s some amount of boarded up houses here. Well more than last time I was here I think.


It’s grim up North(side)


And every 2nd other house has been taken by travellers. Some of whom are terrorising the locals.

Apparently things are pretty close to boiling point up there now between various factions


Name that view Carkies.


That road in view is the road across to Fota / Cobh area isn’t it?


Is that the city centre after recent rain?




It’s a shit photo but rosscarbery i’d say