Cork weirdo/sicko thread


We were heading there but the taxi man ending up being a Croom man (where my auld lad originates from) and he insisted we try the oyster tavern instead. I’ll make it next time bro. Appreciate the recommendation though.

Paradiso was superb. Cork should be proud of it. What a menu… what a meal. Nothing like it anywhere else in Ireland that I am aware of.

Hayfield was great in the main. Staff were spot on. Although for the room price they are charging they could well do with putting some money into certain things. The pool/spa area is average at best for a 5 star. Our room had a “clock/radio/cd player” yoke that I am sure we had in our house 25 years ago. Similar with the TV - although I might say it was more 2000/2001 vintage. They could learn a bit from hotels like the Killarney Park hotel etc (which is actually cheaper too)

A fantastic short break though


Glad you enjoyed it. RIver Lee hotel probably much cheaper than Hayfield manor and its at least its equal.

Paradiso is sensational alright. Not many places on the go as long as it.

Oyster is a good call with the mrs. Same ownership as noted cunthole House. Wouldnt be many cunts in cork tho


Is the Oyster the one that’s down one of the lanes off Patrick’s St? Behind where the new Capital is… not a bad spot if it is, more for couples


No sign of a wild @ChocolateMice on the streets of Cark yet :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That is it


Just had a look at the menu for Paradiso there. Looks outrageously expensive for veg and tofu. What did you have?


Veg with tofu.


It is pricey but don’t knock it until you have tried it.

Went for the tortellini for starters and the feta and pistacio couscous cake for mains.


Sounds nice enough but 33 quid for that it would want to be good.


I’d have no problem paying it again.


Horsebox roaring inside there “WHERE’S ME MATE?, WHERE’S ME FUCKIN MATE”


Heard it was full of shapers???


I’d be worried that certain posters here would not have appreciation of such fine dining


What brings you to Cork so often?


I wouldn’t say twice in 2 weeks is often. To answer your question, I’ve an interview.


Good luck with it


It’s a superb restaurant, when it opened first my pals girlfriend was one of the chefs, I ate in there the week it opened, probably 93 or 94 when vegetarian cooking in Cork was pizza in the quay co-op, it was extraordinary what Denis Cotter was doing back then, he’s some amazing chef,
Just a pity you never got to the Fob afterwards to join a very very exclusive group of people who’ve been in both establishments willingly


You’d want your head examined not to like the grub in Cafe Paradiso. Worth every penny, and this is coming from a snackbox merchant @Horsebox

Can’t believe @ChocolateMice stood @Phil_Leotardo up and went for some carvery instead. You can take the man out of Limerick…


Anyone from Cork want to explain the term “a Manage”? It was explained to me there at dinner and I don’t think my explanation would do it justice.


Think it’s a threesome mate.