Cork weirdo/sicko thread


I thought it was all Murphy’s ye drank down there?


Touché bitch


Plans sorted so for our whistle stop over-nighter to the real captial.

Hayfield Manor - Paradiso - Fob and Gill - Hayfield Manor

Can’t wait:beers:


The concierge at the Hayfield is probably well used to sorting taxis home from the Fob and Gill, he may even advise on a nice wine to order when you’re up there,
Enjoy pal, don’t see how it could go wrong


Thanks for the heads up mate. Looking forward to it


Well lah di dah!


It will be lovely provided @ChocolateMice is able to hold his drink.




We are going to get Brady wrecked on Buckie


The Hayfield is a fine hotel. Enjoy your stay


He’s going drinking with @ChocolateMice



The Corkies could not convict a munster supporter

Cork man’s murder conviction quashed on appeal


Dined in Spitjacks Rotisserie Brasserie last night… @Phil_Leotardo couldn’t tempt me to eat leaves and beans… It was very nice. Middle scale dining- not quite upmarket, but not overly casual. The Pork belly had just finished up which I was very put out over but went with the lamb shank and it was lovely. The Mrs went with the rotisserie chicken and it was top notch. Had a pickled beet and goats cheese started but declined pudding. Two red ales with food … 8/10.


Very unclear what went on there. Whoever wrote that article should be sacked.


Been there a few times. Its good but its an upmarket carvery basically isnt it???


Is it? I wasn’t paying attention to the kitchen, mate. The grub was nice anyway.


Yeah I thought it was lovely both times when I was there but I got pork last time and it was just sliced off a massive pork joint cooked on what Im assuming was a spit jack.


Yet another rugby player going for a spit roast


Quite a laboured effort by your standards. 4/10


How’d you get on @Phil_Leotardo, I believe they were expecting you in the Fob last night, was the sing song any good?