Cork weirdo/sicko thread


Are you obese as well?


Is Aishling dyslexic or something?


Maybe, but she probably doesn’t like to talk about it.


Very bizarre behaviour


No. Are you ?


Any rec for lunch tomorrow in the city centre? Somewhere we can bring a baby with a stroller.


Are you familiar with the emporer of Japan?
Jokes aside, everywhere will take a baby in a buggy at lunchtime.


Everywhere is an interesting recommendation. Anywhere else lads?


To get the type of cuisine you’re used to, you’ll have to take a trip up to Dublin Zoo’s reptile house.


Market lane.


Ended up in Scoozi’s as it was nearby.

Dropped into O’Donovan’s in Midleton for the early bird. Was very tasty. Place was empty however, far too many restaurants in Midleton.

As an aside, the burger in The Hunted Hog is fantastic @Locke


@gilgamboa and @Locke - any suggestions for food and light entertainment this evening? Somewhere close together given it’s pissing rain.

I’d ask plastic Corkman @Robert_Emmet but he’s doing up the Limerick bandwagon again


Same as treaty was given. Elbow Lane for grub…You can’t book, turn up and if it’s busy you put your name down for later… Drop in around 6.30 and put your name down and go for a drink. You won’t regret it.


I’m only landed in Douglas now, presume l’ll be okay chancing it in an hour or so. Is that McCurtain St area, plenty of drinking choice around?


Sorry, didn’t see the ‘this evening’ … You should be. If you want to stay local and have a very good pizza and craft beer go to Palmento in Douglas.


Elbow lane for grub and there will be a few different live music options in the Oliver Plunkett pub about 50 yards up the street. Nice bar


Oliver plunket


No oliver plunkett st.

Mccurtain st has load of resteraunts and bars. Cask is a grand place to go with herself. V nice small playes type menu…tapas just not spanish type food. Dan lowrys directly across rd is a top notch old school boozer. Would be music in gallaghers another 50 yards down st


Probably too late but the grub in the Woodford during the day is top top. They have a full range of beers then too, being a bar and all.
Market Lane is very good too, try their own lager too, excellent beer


I’ll meet you for a pint along with @Locke in Douglas later.