Cork weirdo/sicko thread


Much obliged gents. God bless Cark.


That’s a lovely little pub. I’d say it’d be a savage place to be boozing on a sunny summers evening with the beer garden by the river bank


I wouldn’t eat anywhere that doesn’t come recommended by the emperor of Japan


It is indeed. And as @Turenne said, the burger is very good. Does great wedding business when they’re on the way down to Garyvoe


Never heard of that place, is it worth a stop off with the kids on the way to the magic road?


It was Pat Shortts pub. Only two in the village


Its Pat Shorts old place is it?


Thanks for the recommendations lads. Ninety (90) minute wait at Elbow Lane so had to settle for Market Lane. At least it wasn’t a long walk.


Same as that last night, was starving so tapered my expectations and went to Scoozi around the corner. Twas grand, did the trick. Got mugged off going into a gig in Cyprus Avenue after that but a good night had after that.


Market Lane is a lovely spot. A place youd bring the mammy for mothers day.


Scoozis doing great TFK business, I thought it closed about 25 years ago


Try any home made brew?


Not yet, I’m knackered mate. Will sample some tomorrow when I’m out hunting for you.


What has you in Cork mate, you kept it quiet


I was thinking of doing a @flattythehurdler and announcing it a few months ago, but on consideration decided low key was best

I’m here for @chocolatemice’s wake.


I’m going to a Sinn Fein meeting tonight if you want to tag along…


I’m not dressed appropriately. Do you have a beret and sunglasses I can borrow?


its not something to boast about


Isn’t your auld lad from Cork?


He was stationed in Cork before the regiment moved back to London.