Coronavirus - Close the Airports

I mean could they not just put it off for a while?

Rough veiewing here on newsnight, footage of doctors deciding who gets life saving treatment and who doesnt


The methadone clinic in Dublin.

BBC2, over now. Doctor was sleeping on the wards himself. The Italian health service had no idea what was happening God bless them, at least everyone else had them to take their cue from, or not, depending

It’s like the boy in the Hans Brinkler book with his finger in the dyke to stop the dam from breaking.


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The concept was conceived by Peggy Olsen.

Its fizzling out

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Hi Kyle

953 is the latest UK daily figure, I have no idea if that’s hospitals only.

George Lee has had a very poor corona virus


He could try asking a few questions…

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Them 427 so will probably appear in tomorrow’s numbers.

I think there’s a delay of up to 48 hours on the figures.

Interesting. Run rate in line with what we are seeing probably i.e. this is prob equivalent to one day of test results (maybe more) that are reported daily

The English figure alone will be over the thousand mark by Monday