Coronavirus - Close the Airports

Announcement at 4pm.

Not good I’d imagine.

Tis quite curious how many figures in the 900s there have been from various countries. Almost like they’re being massaged.

Three more weeks i’d say … They’ll take it past the May bank holiday

Whether you agree or not we need to follow our leaders here. The fall out will happen I’m sure but we all have to work together here. We can’t have fellas going on solo runs. What channel is this on?

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All the bullshit aside … i’ve been in for over a month. We’ve no back garden here so I had to take Brady to the green for a shite… I’ve left the estate once in a month to go to the vets and that’s it. I’m adhering to every thing.


Ya same I wasn’t even in Cheltenham I actually hate horse racing being honest. Hope all is well


I went for a Covid-19 lockdown measures compliant run in St Anne’s Park an hour ago and there was a mixed rounders team training on one of the pitches. :joy::joy::joy:


Leaving cert postponed till the end of July/middle of the august

Leaving Cert postponed until late summer; Junior Cycle replaced with class tests (via @IrishTimes)

Apparently there’s news about the Leaving Cert about to be released.

Stay tuned.


You even mention spinning down to Passage again and the ankle bracelet is going back on

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A lovely Kildimo girl on the right.

May the 4th be with you.


Your man on the sign language is some operator