Coronavirus Thread (sponsored by Anthony Fauci & Pfizer) (Part 5)

I haven’t mentioned the virus pal. I’m certainly not upset kid.

Says the lad who spends his nights getting very upset that the rest of society thinks he’s a ratlicker.

There, there, honey.

There, there.

Grand job.

I told you months ago to let it go kid… Let it all go, it ain’t worth it

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No point discussing anything of note here I agree, mate.

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Absolute insanity

its completely overrated.
Swine flu in 2009 was the bomb apparently, I never got it but the vaccine was unreal , fucking floored me the day of Thierry Henry’s handball.
The first AZ shot this time round was a serious beast . it fucked me up something good and proper, it knocked over chimpanzees in the Belgian Congo during the trials apparently.
Covid was a farce tbh.


Its been rampant in the schools for months same as this time last year, pay attention

You think it’s a good idea that official UK policy now appears to be to send Covid positive children into school?

Is it any wonder that country is falling apart?

Is this a reference to the bubonic plague being spread by rats? Interesting turn of phrase. Wasn’t it the Nazis that dehumanised Jews by referring to them as ‘vermin’?

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Its been official policy here for over a year

How is a ratlicker a rat?

And why do anti-vaxxers keep wearing gold stars when prominent Jews and Jewish organisations keep telling them it’s an insult to Holocaust victims, as well as displaying a fundamental misunderstanding of history?

Surely you would admit that it is the anti-vaccine movement which tilts considerably to the far right of the spectrum? Which has quite the soft spot for Nazis.

No it hasn’t.

You must live a very sheltered life

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It has never been official policy in this country to send Covid positive children to school.

It has. The Headmaster just wasn’t allowed talk about it

You’re contradicting yourself, buddy.


Em, yeah, woteva.

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