Coronavirus Thread (sponsored by Anthony Fauci & Pfizer) (Part 5)

Continuing the discussion from Coronavirus Thread (Markey hates Immigrants ) - #10016 by myboyblue.

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Hopefully this is the end.

Just 2 more weeks.

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Hold firm

Nearly there

When can we hug again?

Fan Slán

Nearly never bulled a cow…

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In this together.

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This is very concerning

Put on the green jersey folks

“Insert poignant line from Heaney/Yeats poem or blind lad boatface tweet”

It’s fizzling out


I balanced all, brought all to mind,
The years to come seemed waste of breath…


ICU numbers going up … We’re going no where but back under the bed.

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The numbers are going in the wrong direction.

Depending on what side you’re on.

They’re ticking up.


There’s only one side - those who want to save lives. The others arent a side, they’re individual, selfish ,murdering pricks.