Seasonal Corrie episode just finished up on TV3. A wonderful piece of soap opera from start to finish.

My personal highlight being the love triangle between Rosie (Very shaggable 17yr old student), John (her teacher) and Fizz (John’s munter girlfriend).

Brilliant stuff, beats the fook out of Summer Bay.

Pictures of Rosie please.

Found this photo after a brief search. 18 in real life apparently. That sort of ruins it for me.

Quite a troublesome school girls by all accounts…

Not bad Appendage. Fecking 18 though - you’d want to be fairly stuck to be interested in birds getting on like that.

I wonder what your respective fiancees would make of you two ogling a 17/18-year old girl.

Frankly, it makes me sick.

I would love to give her a dart though.

Would you all feck off, Sally Webster is a much better ride!