COTY 2012 Heat 6

Poll closes Monday 2:00

Top 2 qualify

  1. Ciaran “Murph” Murphy from Off the Ball.
  2. Ryan Tubridy, the skinny cunt could not would not handle the Bloody Sunday discussion after the researchers had done a fine job setting it up.
  3. JP McManus
  4. Eamon Coughlan
  5. Smug Late Late Show Leaving Cert boaster Cillian - “I’ve got a smarmy voice, I sold my notes on Ebay for €3,000 and I quote Samuel Taylor Coleridge to make myself look intelligent”.
  6. Eddie Hobbs
  7. Forgot to add the ciaran tobin cunt last month
  8. Niall Quinn making a big play on RTÉ Radio 1 at the moment. So far he’s been pro Sean Quinn, Bill Cullen and Charlie Haughey.
  9. Craig Doyle
  10. Noel Brett of the Road Safety Authority

There have never been as many vehicles on the road while the number of fatalaties on the road continue to fall (thankfully). Yet if this fucker had his way no one would be allowed drive a car. Constant scaremongering.
80. Brian McGuigan, the whinging cunt.
106. Will Hanafin should be up there too, another snide, smug fucker.

Ah lovely, JP all the way!

Ah fucking hell, there’s too many cunts to choose from in this one. I feel this line-up is disproportionately more cuntish than the ones that have gone already.

Eddie Hobbs - close the thread and competition.

Craig Doyle deserves to be in the final, do the right thing people please!

Doyle is far too bland to be considered a proper cunt.

McManus and Hobbs for me.

Ooh this is a good one Sidney-voted for 6 there and had to stop myself from doing more.

Definitely the most difficult of all the heats, this qualifier would do justice to the final itself.



  1. Tubridy

  2. Doyle

Incredible scenes, JP misses out.