COTY 2016 Heat 10/11

4 qualify - poll closes 4pm Wednesday

  • 120 Cllr. Michelle Donohue-Moncrieff, Conservative Councillor
  • 171 Sean Dunne.
  • 172 Ryle Nugent
  • 173 Jackie Cahill
  • 174 Jamie Heaslip
  • 175 Paudie maher.
  • 176 Leo Sherlock
  • 177 Alan Kelly
  • 178 Dick Spring.
  • 179 Frank Cushnahan climbing up the ranks
  • 180 Has Brian Dowling ever had a nomination.
  • 181 Claire McNamara.
  • 190 I nominate Larry Goodman.
  • 191 “Comedian” David O’Doherty.
  • 192 Austin Stack.
  • 193 The rubber bandits
  • 194 Tommy Conlon
  • 195 Jerry Flannery
  • 196 Alan Farrell TD.

0 voters

Vote Sherlock.

Tremendous standard in this heat though. There’s at least seven people here I really want to vote for.

Rylers is an utterly harmless cunt compared to some of the people trailing him here.

Sherlock, Cushnahan, Stack and Farrell need your votes.

Another strong anti rugby vote, although Jerry Flannery somehow slips the noose, despite his JOE connections.

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That Sherlock fella is a proper creepy fucker, and a cunt. If he wins, he’ll probably steal the Cunt of the Year idea for his own website.

Larry Goodman aswell, what a cunt. The rugby fellas, no matter your opinion of them, are irrelevant next to the likes of them,


1 Alan Kelly
2 Sean Dunne
3 Ryle Nugent
= 4 Jamie Heaslip, Leo Sherlock

Hon Jerry bai. The definition of an alright sort

Is he not friends with Niall McGarry?

No idea pal. They have a business relatuonship iv never seen sight nor sound of them socialising. Anyway I’m sure your mates with some cunts doesn’t mean your a cunt

Was McGarry nominated actually?

Ah no I’m definitely a cunt

I didn’t like to say