COTY 2016 Heat 7/11

4 qualify - Poll closes Wednesday 18th Jan at 4pm

  • 71 Frank Flannery.
  • 72 Michael Healy Rae
  • 73 Barry Cowen.He’s come across as an absolute cunt every time he’s appeared in the media since the election.
  • 74 Noel Dempsey
  • 75 Ursula Hannigan
  • 76 Micheál Martin
  • 77 Kevin McStay.
  • 78 Roscommon supporter and barber Paddy Joe Burke is his name.
  • 79 Paul McGinley - golf commentator, public speaker and compulsive liar.
  • 80 @Raylan’s friend who stole all the money given to the bride and groom at a wedding.
  • 81 Ronan “ROG” O’Gara.
  • 82 Mouse Morris
  • 83 59-year-old Teresa Wall from Rathingle Cottages, Swords, Co Dublin - €40K for cutting her knee while hillwalking…bitch
  • 84 Niall Carew
  • 85 Roddy Doyle.
  • 86 Katherine Zappone
  • 87 John Horan.
  • 88 Mark Lawrenson
  • 89 Sandra - The Cork slag who plays rugby and was a contestant on Winning Streak.
  • 90 Georgina Heffernan - Magpie Magazine.

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Lots of no marks here.

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More simpletons than cunts for the most part

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An absolutely nothing heat, but nice to see Cowen come out from the formidable shadow of his brother.


You’re a day early. Awfully sloppy stuff here.

I got carried away with myself there. Corrected.

Mouse Morris ? Thought he was a fotf?

I wouldn’t underrate the cuntishness of Flannery.


Flannery is such a cunt I only voted for him. A worthy winner any year.

I didn’t spot the hiking lady on a quick perusal through the other candidates.

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Mouse Morris??? Ffs.

Take it up with the nominator.

Heats 7-11 close at 4pm.

1 Frank Flannery
2 Teresa Wall
3 Katherine Zappone
4 Barry Cowen