COTY 2016 Heat 8/11

4 qualify - poll closes Wednesday 4pm

  • 91 Des ‘the biased snivelling little cunt of a West Ham fan’ Cahill.
  • 92 Nicky Byrne.
  • 93 Matt ‘soup taker’ Cooper.
  • 94 Simon ‘Zeebs’ Zebo.
  • 95 Paddy “japery” Jackson
  • 96 Rory McIlroy
  • 97 Ruby ‘the Cunt’ Walsh
  • 98 Eoin Doyle. A cunt.
  • 99 The cunt on the train that’s smoking a faux wooden e-pipe. I did a double-take as I walked past him, because he looked like such a complete cunt tooting away on a fake pipe (in flagrant disregard for Irish Rail rules), and then the zinger… the cunt is only shopping for Nazi memorabilia online.
  • 100 Al Porter
  • 101 Niall Horan
  • 102 Eddie Brennan
  • 103 Brian Cody.
  • 104 Derek McGrath. For ruining hurling.
  • 105 Niall Quinn
  • 106 Gerald Kean
  • 107 Liam Doran
  • 108 Jim McGuinness

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@rocko can we make the COTY votes stickies? Just for the duration of the vote, to save the slipping down the board.

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Very weak heat

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There are too many. It would be painful on mobile to have 11 sticky topics. When we get out of the heats we can do that. Or someone could create a super thread with links to all the heats and I’ll sticky that.

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Des Cahill about to dance into the next round it seems.

Weak group. Don’t see a finalist here.

1 Gerald Kean
2 Des Cahill
3 Rory McIlroy
4 Simon Zebo