Coty 2017 heat 1. Two to progress

  • Eoghan McDermott
  • John Doyle
  • John Bruton
  • Una Mullally
  • Ray Darcy
  • John Creedon
  • Geldof
  • Simon Harris TD
  • Uncle Tom English.
  • PJ McManus
  • Mike Riordan
  • Mickey Sullivan
  • Damian English
  • Mairead Ronan. The cunt
  • Colm “woolly” Parkinson
  • Paraic Clancy
  • Saskia Tidey
  • Paul Hosford
  • Liam Doran
  • Michael Noonan

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Only one vote?

Hopefully Creedon is in another group also.

One vote, Buddy. We’re running late on this already so we’ll keep it nice and simple.


When does voting close

Geldof. Easy.

Heavy hitters here .

Finally electing Bruton as COTY would be a fitting way to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the death of John Redmond.

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Ah bollix? Voted for Bruton as soon as I saw his name. Didn’t realise you only have one vite. Would have gone for Geldof all day long. How do I change my vote?
Whi the fuck nominated Parkinson?

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2% :rollseyes: