COTY 2018 Heat 10. Two to progress

  • Simon Harris
  • John McGuirk
  • Maria Steen
  • Dr. John Monaghan
  • John Waters
  • Paul Reynolds
  • Steven Poacher
  • Any man who took part in Today’s women’s mini marathon
  • the poster who thinks dog fighting is a valid pastime
  • Pete Taylor
  • Austin Stack
  • This dirty fucking scumbag Donegal cunt. Jim Ferry

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I thought unidentified groups of people were ineligible?

Did you?


Delighted to nudge Reynolds back into joint first.
This is outstanding @Fagan_ODowd
Thanks a million.
Best competition yet. :+1:

If that dirty cunt in Donegal doesn’t progress we should all hang our heads in shame.

Remind me?

Massive illegal dumping in Donegal.