COTY Heat 13. Two to progress

  • Justin McCarthy
  • Michael D Higgins
  • Donn O Sullivan Limerick Leader
  • Sombrero Cyril
  • Colm Cooper
  • Lesley Buckley INM
  • Stephen Rea INM
  • Laura Perrins Balbriggan cunt
  • Mrs Margaret Cash
  • Peter Harte

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Who is Laura Perrins, Balbriggan cunt?

Have you ever heard of Google?

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Happy Christmas to you too.

The stress of this undertaking is beginning to show on Fagan.

I’m running a tight ship here, bucko. We’re right up against the clock.


Best COTY ever.
Fuck the begrudgers.

Some state of affairs in Oireland when folk despise Cash more than Buckley. Obscene!


Mick the Muldoon doesn’t understand boardroom politics

You are doing a wonderful job and I’ll be standing you a Pint in the near future.

Wrong login??!!

Cash and Higgins advance