Coty Heat 3 two to Progress. Polls for heats 1-3 close sometime tonight or tomorrow morning

  • Matt Cooper
  • Denis O Brien
  • Oliver Callan
  • Munster hero Eddie Halvey
  • Christy Dignam
  • Heather Humphreys
  • Liam Toland
  • Colm O’Gorman
  • Panti Bliss
  • Ronan “ROG” O’Gara
  • Simon “Zeebs” Zebo
  • Niall Collins TD.
  • Mick McCarthy
  • Donal “DOG” O’Grady (ballingarry)
  • Eamon Lynch
  • Katherine Zappone TD

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Eddie Halvey and Dodge, how did that happen? :grinning:

Give us two votes @Fagan_ODowd

No. Think hard and choose.

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FFS lads thinking some FF no mark and a has been hurling manager are bigger cunts than bandages doppleganger, colm, cunt, O’Gorman

Poor field. Heat one must be stacked

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The heat reminds me of the south Kerry election in 2011 . Lots of candidates on 10 - 15 percent . This heat shows the possible need for seeding based on likes or something .

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I didn’t even go past O’ Brien.

But voting for DOB is voting for us all as a bunch of weak cunts