COTY Heat 7. Two to progress

  • Noreen O Sullivan
  • Woman who helped saved the baby in Buncrana sues.
  • The Happy Pear Pair
  • Cian Prendiville
  • Katharine Zappone
  • Aodhan O Riordan
  • Bob Geldof
  • Conor McGregor
  • Shane O Donoghue
  • Michael Healy Rae

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so much cuntishness. this really is a group of cunt death

something here for absolutely everyone

We’re going to have to seed the groups lads. There’s at least 4 on this group alone that should go through


There’s a few in this heat that would be worthy winners. O’Riordan the truest reflection of a Cunt.
If I had 50 votes he’d get every one of them…


Ah here. This is the group of death. Cunts who would walk other groups won’t get a sniff here


Ah Jesus ;

Did Geldof win last year?

This heat needs good vote management .


after careful consideration, ive decided not to vote for yerwan from buncrana given that once her cuntishness was exposed she wisely decided to go into hiding. the real frontrunners here are the ones who have been exposed time after time as a cunt yet still keep brazening it out.

I think oriordan is a shoo in and I think that zapper deserves a vote on so many levels.

Bang on. I’m in physical pain for not voting O’Riordan. I despise that man so much but, I’ve tactically gone for Zappone. It’s one award ceremony she might actually skip…for a change

I’m torn between McGregor and the Buncrana girl.

Gave the nod to McGregor.

O’Riordain would love to be COTY so that’s enough reason not to vote for him.

Noreen got my vote, but I feel my rights have been violated here.

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McGregor is just a wanker - He’s not good enough for this.

Is it not Noirin rather than Noreen, chaps?

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Don’t start this shite now.


Nóirín actually.

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Don’t start this shite now.


If her name is incorrect on the ballot, is she ineligible mate?

It’s a quandary.

As a former auditor and a slave for accuracy and attention to detail, I couldn’t sit idly by and type nothing.