Coty Heat 9

  • Jackie Tyrell
  • Fergal Horan
  • Sean Kelly MEP
  • Michael Lyster
  • George Hook
  • Lucy Kennedy
  • Charlie Redmond
  • Every single cunt in this absolute cuntfest of a video:
  • Former mayor of Limerick John Gilligan
  • The cunt Jennifer Gannon who reviews TV on The Last Word.
  • Paul Dunne Golfer
  • David Walsh
  • Donal Og Cusack
  • Sean O’Rourke for his smartarse performance on the radio yesterday.
  • Tony O’Donohue
  • Richie Oakley - The Times (Oirish edition).
  • John “Hotpoint” Hayes
  • Brendan Burgess
  • Richard Boyd Barrett
  • Joe O Shea

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At least one massive cunt isn’t going to get out of the group here.

Who should I vote for ? I’ve no strong opinion on what seems to be a fairly harmless heat

Tony O’D.

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Cusack, O’Donohue or Walsh.

I’d forgotten about Cusack and the character reference

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