Coty update

That’s all the heats done.
A few statistics. @myboyblue is the top nominator. @Matty_Hislop, @Bartholemew_the_Ladd and @Bandage are prolific nominators. David Walsh, Tom Humphries, Colm Brophy TD, Patrick O Donovan and Colm O Gorman were frequent nominees.


Thanks for your hard work getting the show back on the road chief.


A job well done


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Someone had to front up and show some leadership.


Well done Fagan. If Derek has half your work ethic the deise will be well prepared this summer

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Indeed, well done. But there’s not a single cunt in almost half of those heats

Are you laid up today with that blood disease ?


You seem to misunderstand the nature of my role, which is simply to collate the nominees into heats. I’m not in charge of quality control.


I know this, just a general comment on the poor standard of cunts in general and quite a proliferation of alright sorts

Well done – Think it may have been the first year I didnt nominate someone.

That is correct. You were one of the few prominent forumites not to nominate anyone.

Don’t worry, the scum will rise to the top.

I’ve fallen out of love with the competition … I must say tho, the new stewardship has tweaked my interest.

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I’ve done very badly this year. My choices were not popular. I dont think I’ve nailed a single successful candidate.

Excellent leadership @Fagan_ODowd :clap:

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There’s a plethora of cunts there

@Fagan_ODowd once again proving that he is the heartbeat of TFK :clap:

Al Porter will be hard bate

2017 was top heavy with cunts, quality not quantity last year. The final will prove this.

Some terrible misspelling of nominees. A bit of laziness on @Fagan_ODowd ‘s part not to correct these.

4 Semi finals of six now on. Top two from each heat plus two fastest losers.