COYGIG Ireland V Finland

Ok guys, who’s all going to Tallaght on Thursday night to cheer on the girls in green.

Tickets confirmed tonight, :partying_face:

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The feedback on this thread has been very disappointing

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Sorry fran. We’ll try harder.

Cheer mate, only 2 hours and 24 minutes to go to kick off!

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is it on the telly box bud?

It’s on RTE 2 but i’ll be there, with 6 little girls :crazy_face:


Savage. Coygig! Try not to loaf the ref.


I’ll watch it with my daughter… she is soccer mad and a dinger… she’ll play for the GIG.

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try not loaf anybody Fran.

Agreed. Nobody should feel the wrath of @Fran’s forehead. Thank fuck it’s not @Bandage

I hope they do it for Vera. An incredible strong woman.

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I can’t promise I won’t loaf anyone lads

What sport is this @Fran ?

Fuck off you. He’s in the ground now. Leave him off to soak it all in. Cc @caulifloweredneanderthal

Brave heart- :blush:well done
My own smallie travelled up with a few mates
Been to Derry and Dublin twice last week or so plus under 19 CCFC games
Soccer mad

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Brave header, nice delivery

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Very brave

Lovely stuff

Hon the giddles.

September 1st once again proves a lucky date for Irish football.

Great atmosphere tonight, really enjoyable match. Some really tidy players on the Irish team.

As a father of 3 girls it was great to see a stadium full to the brim, 90% girls cheering on their country.