Cricket bhoys and ghirls

England and Wales progressing along nicely against the Windies at187/3 with Cook set to make a hundred. But really this series isn’t setting my pulse racing - hopefully I’ll develop more of an interest as it develops.

Main point of setting up the thread though was to stick up this video below. It’s satirical commentary on the Ashes done by some guy in Australia. There’s some really funny moments in it ‘And Australia are going to wipe England out like a dirty arse.’ It’s good stuff.

bandage i was reading an article about pakistans failure at the world cup and the major factor cited for their exit was poor leadership shown by captain Inzamam-Ul-Haq. is this unfair or do captains have that big an influence? I know they do have considerably more input than in most sports but just seems a little harsh.

In cricket the captain is generally more important than the coach, stevie g.

In many cases it’s the captain that picks the side and then has the responsibility for everything on the field too - who’s opening the bowling, at what end, where fielders are placed, areas to bowl for specific batsmen, when to bring on spin, when to take the new ball option, when to declare, whilst all the time leading and motivating the side.

It’s a tough workload for any player.

Generally speaking for tours abroad the captain in conjunction with the coach and the selection committee will pick the squad to tour but once they go abroad it’s only the captain and coach that pick the side together with the captain having the final say. There’s an investigation underway in England and Wales at the moment in response to the Ashes rout to see if this is the best way to go about things.

In Australia it’s similar in that there’s a selection committee that picks the squad with Ponting and the coach but then it’s firmly Ponting’s baby from that point on. I recall Shane Warne saying before that they didn’t need John Buchanan there at all and he was only complicating matters.

So yeah, the captain shoulders huge responsibility in cricket. Bit harsh to blame everything in Pakistan on Inzy though.

Seems we prefer the international games. Bowled Canada out for 92 and we’re 250 for 3. Is it a 4 day game does anyone know?

Yes, full 4 day game, rocko.

Pity about losing the first 5 odi games after the CWC though.

Yeah that was a bit of a shambles but were they ODI games? Thought they were just OD games? Have we played against other countries? Really can’t remember.

Sorry, force of habit. OD games of course unless the likes of Essex and Hampshire have won their independence.