Crime novel recommendations, especially serial killer ones

I’d love any recommendations. Don’t have to be worthy reads, just anything decent.
I love John Connolly, Michael Connelly and the like.
I don’t really like Agatha Christie type.
I love a good serial killer.
An oul supernatural twist is good too.

The Thomas Harris novels are well worth a read if you have only seen the Hannibal movies, very good.

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I feel like this thread will be read aloud in a court room some day


The Outsider, Stephen King

Fits your description perfectly

Enjoy him

I used to enjoy him and got a present of his latest book The Dark Hours (388 pages) at Christmas. I set to in January and was fully on board up to about page 300 where the entire thing spooled out to a watery ending.

I came to the conclusion that he had a deal for $Xm and laboured earnestly up to this juncture before heading to the Hamptons for the summer where he promptly forgot about it. He then got a call in early October from his publisher- fuck it, I’d forgotten about it - before returning to the task and reaching a conclusion via a myriad of short cuts and lucky chances.

I formed the opinion that he reckons he has it sussed and the name works…
It’ll be a while before I chance another of his efforts.


I like the Ian Rankin books. Nothing supernatural(ya big weirdo) but often a decent read and a good grimy story.


Quite old now so perhaps you’ve read them already but pretty much anything by James Ellroy for crime fiction, especially the LA quartet. Thomas Harris for serial killers. If you’re up for pushing supernatural out towards the fantastic a bit Piranesi by Susanna Clarke is the best book I’ve read in a long time.

Any James Ellroy book I’ve read I’ve really enjoyed
Usually around 600 pages with a huge “cast”

Dudley Smith what a boyo

He got his comeuppance in the end.

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Filth by Irvine Welsh. A real who dun’it.

Half way through Five December’s (James kestrel) at the minute and I’m enjoying it, like a James Elroy book but without a million characters.

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I read them all. Enjoyed them. I’ve read nearly all James Ellroy glad, also Lawrence Block.
I just finished cutting time by Atticus Locke which was ok, and the darktown trilogy which was good.
Rebus books generally start with two completely unrelated incidents which by amazing coincidence transpire to be linked which is slightly formulaic and irksome. Had a rattling night in the Oxford last time I was in Edinburgh.

Goblins and ghosts aint for me but each to their own @Flatty. Would you throw on a Harry Potter costume before you read them?

I like John Connolly. I never made it even two chapters into Harry potter. Thought the films were mundane in the extreme also. Enjoyed the first fantastic beasts one though. I like John Connolly as I said.

Halway through chaos by Tom o Neill. Very good. Its about the manson family and links to CIA. Non fiction too

You’ll probably like Jo Nesbo’s books @flattythehurdler about Detective Harry Hole. I’ve read a few of them and they’re a decent read for when you’re on holibobs and don’t want anything too taxing.

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There’s potential in this one.

Denis Lehane books are quite good - he wrote Mystic River, Gone Bany gone etc


Yeah I enjoyed them. Denis Lehane is great also