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[SIZE=6]GAA looking to expand Croke Park[/SIZE]
[SIZE=5]Plans will create new ‘urban village’ in area and new entrance for stadium[/SIZE]

Final negotiations to close a deal on the sale of public land for major new development at Croke Park will be held tomorrow.
Olivia Kelly
First published:Wed, Dec 10, 2014, 01:01

The GAA wants land owned by Dublin City Council to create a new “processional boulevard” entrance to the stadium, along with offices, restaurants, shops and handball facilities.

The land is currently occupied by part of the Croke Villas estate, a 1960s flat complex on Sackville Avenue which was to have been regenerated under a public-private partnership agreement with Bennett Developments.

Those plans collapsed in December 2008 and just nine of the 79 flats are occupied. The regeneration of the complex, which involves demolishing the dilapidated flats and building 44 new homes on a portion of the site, would be funded by the land’s sale to the GAA.

The GAA’s involvement in the regeneration project was first proposed more than four years ago and the council has been negotiating the purchase price since early 2012.

Executive manager of the council’s housing department Gerry Geraghty said a “firm proposal” had been made by the council’s valuers to the GAA last May and the council was expecting an answer tomorrow.

“There will be a meeting on Thursday, the 11th, to try to bring this to a close.” The sum to be paid would be a “sizable contribution” he said. “I’m not going to put a figure on it before that meeting . . . but there is a lot of money on the table here”.

Partnership with the GAA represented the only realistic chance of regeneration for Croke Villas he said and it would be “foolish” of the council to ignore the offer.

However, he acknowledged the process had dragged on too long. “On Thursday I will be pushing to try to get agreement straight away.”

The GAA’s plans involve the widening of Sackville Avenue to provide a boulevard or processional entrance to the stadium.

This would become the only match-day entrance and would take crowds out of surrounding streets.

The residential element would be relocated away from the road and a new “urban village” would be created which could encourage local enterprise with elements such as a dance studio or artisan bakery. The development would allow for the expansion of Croke Park’s office facilities and a handball centre.

After a lengthy planning process, in 2012 the GAA secured permission to demolish the 1970s handball facility and community centre and build a new expanded centre, with 500sq m of office space in addition to sports, recreation and community facilities.

The plans were opposed by several groups.

These included the occupants of the existing community facilities, represented by the Croke Park Streets Committees, principally on the grounds that bar facilities in the handball centre would not be replaced in the new centre.

By the hokey .

That’s where the dollars (the ones not being given to Dublin GAA that is) are going.

Should be impressive

The voluntary organisation/property developers


But waare’ll we aaate ahrrr hang sandwitches???

good move, a number of gaa clubs close by are tight for pitches, a pitch of 2 there wouldn’t go amiss

not sure if there will be much carparking capacity after the pitches, hotel, housing etc

it was a decent parking outlet - well not that decent but decent in the sense the cars were there would have to be elsewhere if not there

They could build one o dem revolutionary yokes that can House a lot of cars in once building?

Na Fianna might do alright out of this considering it’s Horan’s home club

How much land are we talking about here? Anyone got a map of it?

decent stretch, runs right from clonliffe road right down to the banks of the tolka at the back of tolka park

last bastion of a few fields that close to de city there binky

though you have cattle crazing on religious lands up off gracepark road, can be seen from the upper cusack

All Hallows I’d say you are referring to. There are houses currently being built on some of it anyway

All of that? Fucking disgraceful if this is true.

yeah bit of activity up that way now

the land I was referring to is at the back of stella maris fc and runs up gracepark then. is all hallows that side of the road?

I gave a mooch around that way one sunday afternoon bout 2 years back , 20 friesen cattle and 3 foxes roaming around to their heart content mid afternoon

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Wasn’t Bertie’s aul lad the “ farm manager “ there ?

The GGA will own Dublin in a decade .

that is the general tract Mattie, whether this deal , so called speculated deal whatever you want to call it, covers the whole tract I don’t now

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I don’t know, the John Giles documentary and you will see Johnny at Stella Maris facilities talking and a few cattle in the background!

Hopefully other sports are involved in this too. Shels were forced out of Tolka with a gun to our heads and shunted up to Dalymount Park. And now the GGA is given all of this right next door, scandalous if this is allowed to happen.

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